Montessori Schools Association

The Curriculum

The Montessori Method

The Montessori method was devised and developed by an Italian Physician, Maria Montessori in 1907. She developed specific sensorial and tangible materials to facilitate learning during a child's sensitive years. The Montessori method is integrated with the EYFS(Early Years Foundation Stage) curriculum for children above 2½, and this forms a strong foundation for primary school.

Under 2's

We believe in stimulation but do not want to over stimulate. We provide a range of sensory materials, which vary in texture, smell and weight. Much understanding is gained through listening, observing mouth movements, and facial expressions. Story telling, singing and talking to babies is also paramount. We follow the EYFS curriculum for the under 2s and part of this framework covers heuristics (exploratory play using everyday items), creative work and learning to interact with others courteously.